Swiss Ambassador's Message

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Members of the SBC-L,

Switzerland and Lebanon share many similarities and are designed for a close and sustainable collaboration. Both countries have little natural resources but are rich in natural beauty. The most important economic resource in both countries remains the brain power of the people. Switzerland and Lebanon have among the highest educated people in the world.

The SBC-L plays an important role in deepening our economic relations. I am convinced that our bilateral potential has not yet been fully exploited. The strong and solid ties between Lebanon and Switzerland can and will, with the help and support of the SBC-L, further intensify our cooperation in the economic and commercial field. Switzerland – being the most competitive and innovative country in the world – has many companies, including start-ups, who are looking for opportunities in an environment such as Lebanon’s. 

Since its creation the SBC-L could always count on the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon. I am glad that my predecessor, former Ambassador Francois Barras, is now the current president of the SBC-L. Together with the board of the SBC-L he has taken the lead to reflect on business opportunities; to organize events for Swiss companies and business persons working closely with Switzerland and to welcome new members into the SBC-L family.

The doors of the embassy are always open and we are not going to miss a chance to underline, emphasize and strengthen our business relations. I thank you all for your valuable work and contribution to our excellent bilateral relations.

With warm regards

Monika Schmutz Kirgöz - Ambassador