The Swiss Business Council - Lebanon

The initiative behind the creation of the Swiss Business Council – Lebanon came from the Swiss Embassy in Lebanon.

The SBC-L is a Lebanese non-profit association.

The Council’s purpose is to promote trade and business relations between Switzerland and Lebanon, and to support Swiss and Lebanese companies and individuals doing business with either country.

SBC-L Articles of Association


  • Provide and strengthen an extensive business platform for networking between Lebanon and Switzerland.
  • Advocating member’s interests through the identification of investment benefits and constraints.
  • Promote personal relations and contacts between the members of the SBC-L, and reinforce contacts between organizations and associations in Lebanon and Switzerland.
  • Support the members of the SBC-L by providing a valuable information service, offer a vehicle to exchange views, advertise each company, and offer links to various interesting sites connected to the activities of the members.

Who Can Become a Member Of SBC-L?

The Swiss Business Council welcomes as members companies, associations, legal entities, and individuals established in Lebanon, with direct affiliation to Switzerland either through capital ownership, or business dealings, and with a strong interest in promoting Swiss and Lebanese goods, services or technologies in Switzerland and Lebanon. This includes major Swiss multinational companies and banks, as well as important small and medium-size enterprises, all of whom share an interest in increasing the prosperity of the Swiss-Lebanese business community.

Statutes - Conditions of Members

Why Become a Member Of SBC-L?

  • Through regular meetings, presentations and seminars related to Swiss and Lebanese trade and economic issues, members can gather to discuss their common interests. The SBC-L also works in cooperation with other important business chambers and organizations, and will develop a yearly program of events that will host important guest speakers.
  • The SBC-L also follows-up and informs its members of government initiatives that are relevant to their activities, and can act as a lobbying vehicle to promote their interests in a formal and organized manner through the creation of a consensus voice of the Swiss Business Community's view towards the Lebanese and Swiss governments.
  • The members can also have access to a network of experts, such as legal advisors, and consultants specialized in the fields that concern them.
  • Members will be provided with a username and a password which will give them access to the entire website, such as the ‘News’ section, or the ‘Opportunities’ pages which will offer each member the opportunity to post vacancies, or advertise their services.

Click here to download the membership application form.