General Assembly - 2014-05-17 Residence of Her Excellency Mrs. Ruth Flint, Ambassador of Switzerland to Lebanon

The Swiss Business Council-Lebanon held its annual General Assembly on May 17, 2014 at 09:30am at the Residence of the Swiss Ambassador to Lebanon Mrs. Ruth Flint.

In accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association and the statutes with regards to quorum, the President, Mr. Habib Hatem, declared the General Assembly open at 11:30hrs since the quorum was not met at the first call to be held at 09:30 hrs. Me. Georges Vicken Patanian, Secretary General of the exiting Board of Directors, acted as secretary of the Assembly.

The President presented the Agenda as per the following:
1- Reading the previous General Assembly’s minutes
2- Reading the BOD’s report
3- Presentation of the Financial Situation for 2013
4- Presentation of the Financial Situation for 2014 (to date)
5- Release for the current BOD
6- Budget 2014
7- Election of new BOD
8- Miscellaneous

Reading the previous General Assembly’s minutes
The minutes of the previous General Assembly that was held on February 12 2013 were read by the Secretary of the Assembly.

Reading the BOD’s report
A summarized report of the current Board of Directors’ activities was presented by the Secretary of the Assembly to the present members; the latter congratulated the board for their achievements.

Presentation of the Financial Situation for 2013
The financial statement for the year 2013 was presented by Mr. Berge Arabian, Treasurer of the exiting Board, discussed and approved.

Presentation of the Financial Situation for 2014 (to date)
The President, Mr. Habib Hatem, explained to the present members that, as a new BOD will be elected, it is the duty of the current Board to present the “to date” financial situation.
Thus, Mr. Arabian presented the “to date” situation of the SBC-L for 2014 (from 1/1/2014 till 7/5/2014). 
The current BOD thanked the support and sponsorship of BLF and Omnipharma for the event organized with the Ministry of Finance.

After discussion and exchange of ideas, the present members unanimously approved the BOD’s report and the financial statements for 2013 and 2014 (to date).

Release for the current Board
The current Board was thanked for its efforts and released.

Budget 2014
The tentative budget set for 2014 was presented.
Members were given the opportunity to make suggestions and after discussing them, the budget was unanimously approved.

Election of the new BOD
The new Board of Directors was elected as follows:
Voting Members: Ms. Yasmine Berbir, Mr. Saad Azhari, Mr. Berge Arabian, Mr. Habib Hatem, Me. Antoine Fayad, Mr. Gaston Hochar, Mr. Jihad Tannir, Mr. Hani Houri, Mr. Karim Gebara.
Non-Voting Members: Mr. Alexandre Ziadeh, Me. Georges Vicken Patanian, Mr. Hicham El Moukammal.

The President, Mr. Habib Hatem, thanked all members for their participation and permanent support to the SBC-L. He explained that the SBC-L’s success relies on the contribution of each and every member to its activities.
Finally, the Board of Directors took the opportunity to specially thank the Swiss Embassy for their full support and specifically Her Excellency Mrs. Ruth Flint for her hospitality and for hosting the General Assembly at her residence.