Articles of Association

Article 1 – Constitution of the Association:

1-1) A Lebanese non-profit Association, known as the “Swiss Business Council - Lebanon”, referred to in these Articles of Association as well as in the Statutes as the “Swiss Business Council - Lebanon” or the “Association” was constituted in the Lebanese Republic. The Association is governed by all the laws and regulations prevailing in the Lebanese Republic.

1-2) The “Swiss Business Council - Lebanon” registered office is located in Beirut, Achrafieh, Tabaris, Borj Al Ghazal Tower, at the Swiss Embassy premises; however, it is possible for the Association to relocate the registered office to any other place within the Lebanese territory and the Association can establish offices in Lebanon and abroad.

Article 2 – Aims and Objectives of the Association:

2-1) The aims and objectives of the “Swiss Business Council - Lebanon” are:

2-1-1) To develop the economical and commercial relations between the Lebanese Republic and the
Swiss Confederation, and to promote mutual investments and expertise in these fields.

2-1-2) To exchange information in the fields of business, culture and art, namely through meetings
and seminars.

2-1-3) To spread out or diffuse such information among the concerned establishments, companies
and businessmen.

2-1-4) To organize meetings and seminars.

2-2) The “Swiss Business Council – Lebanon” fulfills its objectives through the following means,
listed hereinafter by way of illustration and not by way of limitation:

2-2-1) To publish periodical letters and bulletins.

2-2-2) To form a permanent database, covering all activities of the Association.

2-2-3) To organize and encourage cultural and artistic activities; to exchange delegations that shall
carry all necessary acts to fulfill the objectives of the “Swiss Business Council – Lebanon”.

2-2-4) To strive with public and private bodies as well as with individuals, to develop each and every
economic, financial, cultural and artistic relationship; to promote business and commercial
activities, to transfer and exchange expertise in al possible fields.

Article 3 – Income of the Association:

3-1) The financial income of the Association is formed by:
1- Members contributions.
2- Governmental and non-governmental aids.
3- Donations, gifts and bequests.
4- Income resulting from the administration and investment of the funds and assets of the association.
5- Other income.

3-2) The funds of the “Swiss Business Council – Lebanon” shall be disbursed in order to fulfill its

Article 4 – Association bodies:

4-1) The “Swiss Business Council – Lebanon” is formed by two bodies:

4-1-1) A General Assembly.

4-1-2) An Administrative Board, elected by the General Assembly.

4-1-3) The Statutes shall define the mission and authorities of each of these bodies and specify the
provisions governing them.

4-2) Basically, the term of the Administrative Board is three years, except for the first Administrative
Board formed by the Constituent Assembly whose term shall not exceed one year since the first
Administrative Board shall organize the election of a regular Administrative Board or within the
first year.

4-3) The Administrative Board is formed by nine initial members.

Article 5 – First Administrative Board:

The founders shall exercise all the authorities of the Administrative Board for one year on the utmost, as of the date of applying for the necessary licensing before the Ministry of the Interior.

Article 6 – Identity of transferee upon dissolution of the Association:

All funds and assets of the “Swiss Business Council – Lebanon”, upon its dissolution, shall be transferred to the Swiss Evangelical School in Majdal Anjar.

Article 7 – Amendment of the Articles of Association:

7-1) The General Assembly can amend the Articles of Association.

7-1-1) Upon the proposal of the Administrative Board.

7-1-2) Or upon the proposal of twenty percent of the members of the General Assembly.

7-2) The quorum to amend these Articles of Association shall be the three-quarters of the active
members, in accordance with the provisions of the present Articles of Association and the

7-3) The decision to amend these Articles of Association shall be taken by the majority of two thirds
of the active members, in accordance with the provisions of the present Articles of Association
and the Statutes.

Article 8 – Prevailing language:

In case of differences or discrepancies between the Arabic and the English wordings, the Arabic wording shall prevail.